Planned Giving

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Gift for the Birds Gives Back:
Dave and Corry Clinton Receive Income for Life

  Swainson’s Hawk by Corry Clinton

Birding is a way of life with us. It brings daily satisfaction, it teaches patience, it cultivates friendships, and it gets us out of doors.

Our association with the Cornell Lab is equally satisfying; it provides a diversity of bird-related opportunities. Lab publications provide authoritative news and views about birds; citizen science programs engage us every day; the nest cams continually bring spring into our house; and video clips and editorials inform and entertain us. In short, the Lab is woven to provide great satisfaction, and birds are woven into our lives every day.

To deepen and perpetuate our personal satisfactions, we’ve recently established a charitable gift annuity to benefit us and the Cornell Lab and we’ve written the Lab into our wills. The annuity makes a lot of sense because it allows us to make a gift investment now and will provide us guaranteed income for life. Our advised bequest will benefit the Lab after our lifetimes. Both actions are satisfying, especially knowing they will ultimately benefit birds.

In the future, we look forward to daily interactions with birds and the Cornell Lab, knowing that our legacy gifts will be used wisely to perpetuate our love of birds.

Dave and Corry Clinton
Los Alamos, New Mexico


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