Planned Giving

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Frequently Asked Questions


+/- How can I include the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in my will?


+/- What is the Lab of Ornithology’s address?


+/- What is the address for Cornell University’s Office of Trusts, Estates, and Gift Planning?


+/- Can I designate my planned gift to be used for a specific purpose or can it be unrestricted?


+/- I have established a planned gift for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology through another service provider. Should I notify the Cornell Lab?


+/- How does the Cornell Lab of Ornithology credit my planned gift?


+/- How do I make a gift of securities or a cash transfer to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology?


+/- What is Cornell University's tax identification number?


+/- Who should I contact at the Lab of Ornithology?


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